Our Next Season
Plays Under Consideration

We've been hard at work building out our new theatre home in anticipation of our re-opening. Our volunteers have done an amazing job and we can't wait until we can invite you back in to enjoy the live performances you've come to know and expect.

Though we're not able to bring life back to our stage just yet, we are in the process of determining what shows will grace our stage in our next season. We've invited several characters from some of the shows under consideration to share with you a bit about each.

Are you as anxious as we are to see more Theatre Suburbia shows? In the meantime we've made a number of our shows from previous seasons available for you to view online. So be sure to check out the selection in our video archives below.

Selwyn Piper
Murder by the Book by Duncan Greenwood & Robert King

Mrs. Hudson
An Evening with Sherlock Holmes by Jules Tasca

Brother Martin
Incorruptible by Michael Hollinger

Doreen Whitman
The Wild Women of Winedale by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten

Sheriff Austin
Popcorn Falls by James Hindman

Daria Chase
The Game's Afoot (Holmes for the Holidays) by Ken Ludwig

Theatre Suburbia Needs Your Help

For nearly 60 years, Theatre Suburbia has been your Northwest Houston neighborhood destination for performing arts brought to you by members of your community. As an all-volunteer organization, the countless hours of work put in by our numerous volunteers – cast, crew, front of house workers, and all around amazing patrons – have been a labor of love.

As we approached our landmark 60th season, we made the necessary move to a new location at 5201 Mitchelldale. Sadly, this move occurred just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit our community in full effect, forcing all of us to reconsider how we operate and interact on a daily basis. It is because of this and our concern for the safety of our community and our wonderful patrons and volunteers that we have made the choice to cancel all live performances until further notice. We hope to invite you into our new home soon to once again enjoy live theatre with your community.

Of course we can do nothing without the generous and continued support of patrons like you. The patronage of this community has allowed us to be the only live theater in our area. If you have enjoyed even one of our more than 200 productions, we ask that you let us know with a donation. A donation of any size is welcome and will help us through this extraordinary time by offsetting some of our moving costs and helping us maintain our performace space until we can share it with you once again.

Donate Now Video Archives

A Message from the President of the Board

Donate Now Video Archives

The Show Must Go On

While we are unable to invite you into our new home, we hope to bring a little bit of us to you. Here are some of our favorite performances throughout the years – performances that wouldn’t have happened without your support. We offer these to you completely free as a thank you for standing with us throughout the years.

Please enjoy at your leisure and know that you are close to our thoughts at all times. We hope these videos can you bring a little light in these dark and uncertain times. Let us know if you enjoy this adventure through performances past and if you want to see more in the future by emailing us, sharing the link with a friend or making a donation.

We are also happy to announce that Theatre Suburbia is working on other projects to keep the community engaged in a safe, responsible, and entertaining manner. Thank you again for your patience, understanding, support, and love of the arts. The lights will come up on Theatre Suburbia soon – stay tuned!

Season 58: Santa's Magic Timepiece
by Ann & Arnold Richie

Season 54: Authors Anonymous
by Carl Williams - Big Dog Publishing LLC

Season 53: Bad Medicine
by Kris Thompson

Season 55: Turning of the Bones
by Jan Villarrubia

Season 49: Waiting to be Mended
by Gwen Flager

Season 56: The Man in the Locket
by Kris Thompson

Season 53: Under a Cowboy Moon
by Carl Williams - Big Dog Publishing LLC

Season 45: Miz Lena's Backyard
by Jan Villarrubia

Season 55: Song of the Canyon Kid
by Scott Cherney

Season 50: Shards of Love
by Paullette MacDougal

Check back next week for a new video.